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    Hello, this is the My Informed Life team starting this Inforum rolling with a question about baby’s first night at home.

    Our question to you is, in your opinion, what clothing, products, supplies or gadgets do you actually need for baby’s first 24 hours at home? If you went mad and bought everything baby-related that was available, which items did you find indispensable and which items did you find were a complete waste of money and space? For parents who were less-prepared, was there any particular item that you didn’t have that you could really have done with on that first day or first night?

    We look forward to hearing from you!



    During my time as a Health Visitor I was constantly amazed at the sheer amount of stuff that new parents deemed necessary for their baby. Apart from the obvious need of food and shelter their needs are simple.

    Clothing; Get easy to fit and easily washable clothes. You will be horrified at how many clothes a new baby can get through in 24 hours and even though some of the outfits look very pretty they are a nightmare to get the baby into. Save them for a few days until you are an experienced parent. Won’t take long, I promise.

    Nappies; If you are new to nappy changing, get a pack of simple to use disposable nappies. Once you have mastered the art of cleaning and changing, then change to the nappy of choice. For your first days at home you really do not need the extra stress of washing and drying cloth nappies. As good as they no doubt are, some of them almost need to come with a set of instructions (Nappy not baby!)

    Something that is absolutely vital are muslin squares. Use for laying baby on for changing nappy (you will soon find out why); catching dribble (it goes for miles); protecting your clothes (keep a muslin between you and the baby, both ends). Muslin squares wash easily and dry in minutes.

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